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Business data analytics

Business data analytics plugin changelog contains all new features, improvements and bug fixes released so far.

#1.2.2 – 3.10.2022
## Added

  • added readme.txt and license.txt files

## Changed

  • updated plugin description

#1.2.1 – 12.9.2022


  • excluded “draft” order statuses


  • fixed empty utm and affil settings

#1.2.0 – 9.8.2022


  • added support for new factory libraries
  • added factory version dependency

#1.1.2 – 14.6.2022


  • added info texts

#1.1.1 – 7.6.2022


  • added default pairings for order statuses, payment and shipping methods

#1.1.0 – 25.5.2022


  • added new columns in order and product feeds
  • added UI for setting-up order status, payment and shipping method pairings
  • added new settings for UTM and affiliate tracking


  • changed order and product feed column orders


  • removed XML and CSV export formats

#1.0 – 12. 5. 2022 – Initial release

This new plugin for Woocommerce is specifically focused on business data analytics. Make informed decisions based on up-to-date data and get your e-commerce up and running.

Main features:

  • Easily export all business data from Woocommerce in a usable form
  • Get a complete overview of all your orders and ordered products
  • Track important UTM parameters and activity of your affiliates

Other features:

  • Orders and product export
  • Date range export
  • Status and method pairing
  • Affiliate tracking
  • Utm parameter tracking
  • Optimized Excel dashboard
  • Easy collaboration
  • Roles and rights
  • 100% data security
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