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Manage our plugins under your own brand

Get an easy tool to install, update and manage our plugins and licenses with the option to set your own branding. Free of charge, of course.


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Why to use ThisPlugin Manager

Manage all plugins and all licenses in one place with just a few clicks

Thanks to the Manager, you can manage all your plugins from one place. Not only can you install and update plugins without downloading files, but you can also add their licenses and manage your agency clients’ licenses.

Manage all global settings, global and custom colors in one place

You can also set the styles and colors of all the plugins from one place. In addition, we allow you to generate all colors from your brand color in a few clicks, as well as colors for all web elements. Using variables and Gutenberg palettes, you can easily apply them across the web. This gives you uniform and consistent styles that can be easily themed.

Offer all the benefits of Thisplugin Manager to your customers under your own brand

And finally, you can offer all the benefits of Thisplugin manager and our plugins, including 4 completely free ones, to your clients directly under your brand. You can set not only your own name and logo of the manager, but also a description of the agency, colors and types of plugins you want to offer.

All Thisplugin manager features

Plugin Management

Easy plugin management – install, update, and (soon) downgrade all of our plugins.

License Management

Clear management of licenses. All from one tab. You can add, remove, and (soon) change a license.

Global settings

Global color generator, styles and responsiveness settings for all our plugins. Easy setup from one place.

Global colors

Generate and manage all website colors in one place. Use anywhere thanks to variables and Gutenberg.

Custom colors

An easy way to add custom colors and their shades to Gutenberg or anywhere else using variables.

Agency Licenses

Login-protected agency license management. By any manager on any website.


Set your own branding – change the icon, accent color, plugin name and description, display options, plugin list management.

Plus, ThisPlugin manager is completely free

Hundreds of our customers can’t be wrong.

*Reviews are not verified

“This plugin manager simplifies your work. You don’t have to search and download the latest version of plugins. Just add the license and boom, the plugin installs itself. You set your own brand, turn off what you don’t want to see, and you’re done. So simple.”


“I like that the authors think first and then develop. From the beginning, the plugin was designed not only for individuals, but also for agencies. The license management, the ability to set your own brand and even global settings for other plugins are great. You’ll get used to it quickly.


“Plugins are purchased and licensed through Gumroad, which is enough of a guarantee for me. Licenses can be accessed at any time. You only need to download and install one plugin. The others install by themselves after you add the license. Global settings save time. I recommend trying it on your own site.


“At first I did not trust the new unknown brand. So I downloaded the manager and installed the plugin for free. Everything went smoothly. I tried all the options. The plugin is easy to use, looks minimalistic and the UI is foolproof“.


“From the beginning, I was interested in agency license management. I don’t like Freemius. This plugin solved it perfectly. I like that I can install the manager anywhere and manage everything right there.”


“The ThisPlugin brand just has something. It is different from anything else on the market. The plugins are well thought out. The support works and is very friendly (try writing to them). There is a roadmap, a changelog, but also documentation. In addition, the authors publish use cases. That convinced me.


Offer easy-to-use, feature-rich plugins under your branding

Try the Plugin Manager along with 4 our plugins for free. No credit card required.