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“I like that the authors think first and then develop. From the beginning, the plugin was designed not only for individuals, but also for agencies. The license management, the ability to set your own brand and even global settings for other plugins are great. You’ll get used to it quickly.

“One of the few things that really bothers me about Woocommerce is the lack of valuable statistics. The few charts are useless. For my decision making I need to know every week what is happening in my store not only in terms of orders but also in terms of products and users. This tool is simply amazing. It comes with a simple plugin to export and merge data and clear, well thought out dashboards.”


“I was looking for a solution to set up order numbering for Woocommerce in a reasonable order. I needed to add my own date prefix and also a suffix. This plugin makes it possible. I set it up in a couple of minutes. And it works.


“There are many options and plugins to set up free shipping. I like this one because it is simple and has a lot of customization options. It is also easy to update thanks to the ThisPlugin Manager.”


“Plugins are purchased and licensed through Gumroad, which is enough of a guarantee for me. Licenses can be accessed at any time. You only need to download and install one plugin. The others install by themselves after you add the license. Global settings save time. I recommend trying it on your own site.”


“Thisplugin manager makes your work easier. You don’t have to find and download the latest version of plugins. Just add the license and boom, the plugin installs. You set your own brand, turn off what you don’t want to see, and you’re done. So easy.”


“Thanks to the WPVidaXL plugin, I can take full advantage of the potential of VIDA XL dropshipping. I tried a competing plugin before, but it was not only unstable, but also had a number of bugs. WPVidaXL does what I need it to do and does it really well.”


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Communication is very fast!

The connection via the plugin works in both directions – sending new orders to Shipmall for processing and changing the status in the eshop when the order is sent and delivered to the customer. Communication with the developers of the plugin is very fast, they quickly and willingly solved small problems during the implementation of the plugin. In case of a technical problem, we can turn to their support, which is included in the annual fee, and rely on them to help us solve it, which is extremely important in the case of an e-shop.



on WPShipmall

Easily share data with Microsoft Excel

This tool (plugin and dashboards) convinced me at first sight. The only thing that put me off was the use of Microsoft Excel. But then I understood why the authors made that choice. The online version is free. In addition, the easy transfer of data to Excel allows you to share it with anyone, edit data, add new charts. The possibilities are virtually endless.



on Business data analytics

Transactional emails are important for successfully completing a transaction

Transactional emails are the part of eCommerce that I didn’t focus on at all. I later found out that transactional emails are important for successfully completing a transaction with a customer. I was looking for a solution to get the most out of them. Set up your own branding, customize templates to make them easy for customers to understand. Advanced Emails makes this possible and has many other great features. Thanks to ThisPlugin for developing it.



on Advanced e-mails

I like working with Thisplugin Manager!

The order numbers generated by Woocommerce are crazy. I don’t understand how Woocommerce creates them. Fortunately, I have found several solutions to edit order numbers. I chose ThisPlugin because I like working with their manager. I also use other ThisPlugin plugins.



on Sequentional order numbers

Free with good features

This plugin is free. It is reliable and has many good setup options. I found it and looked no further. Also, this plugin convinced me and I tried other plugins from ThisPlugin as well.



on Free shipping bar

It works just like I imagined!

This tool is what I have been dreaming about for a long time. It works exactly the way I imagined it would. Only I have access to the data, and I can decide who I want to share it with, thanks to the power of Microsoft Excel. In addition to the basic data I have always had access to, it allows me to collect new data metrics, including the ability to collect and analyze data on affiliates and UTM. And what’s great, and I had no idea this was possible, is that this data also serves as filtering criteria. I’m just thrilled. Thanks ThisPlugin!



on Business data analytics

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