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ThisPlugin manager – Whitelabel addon

Find out what the free Whitelabel addon for ThisPlugin Manager can do for you. How to set it up, what you can customize for your brand, how to customize the display of the plugin menu or hide the whitelabel settings tab.

One of the main reasons why we decided to create a manager for our plugins is to be able to present plugins under our own brand (white label addon). We know how important this feature is for agencies.

We will allow you to present the plugin manager under your own brand and of course also add the name of your agency.

You can enable whitelabeling by simply clicking on the Enable Whitelabeling checkbox and setting a few settings related to the agency and the manager.

Short video demonstration of Manager Whitelabel Settings (video without sound and subtitles)

Agency settings

Whitelabel setting for your agency and Thisplugin Manager itself

For the agency, you can set the name of your agency, URL address of the website, support and sales page (form) URL to get additional plugins.

The name of the agency will be used on the list of Wordpress plugins. As well as a link to the agency’s website. The other links will be used to replace the links in the plugins tab at the plugin manager level.

Manager settings

In the manager settings you can set its name, title, description and SVG icon. These settings will be reflected in the manager’s menu and page.

You can also hide the Licenses tab or show the Agency Licenses tab and restrict its management to the administrator and the user who has enabled agency management.

Other possibilities

Additional options for whitelabel settings, including showing agency licenses, showing plug-ins, and hiding the Whitelabel tab

One of the last options is the ability to choose which plugins to show in the plugins list and which to hide. You can choose to show all plugins or just some. Of course, this plugin manager is always required because it is active.

Finally, you can hide the Whitelabel tab completely. Before you do this, save the address where Whitelabel will be available even after hiding the bookmark, in case you need to change the settings.

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