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Excluded products

In the documentation of Excluded products plugin, you will find information on how to set the texts and display settings, but also options for setting shortcodes and css stylesheets.

Plugin installation

Installation is the same as for our other plugins. The plugin is installed using the ThisPlugin Manager. More information on where to get this free plugin and how to install it can be found at this link.

To install the plugin, you must first purchase a paid plugin license. You can buy it from the plugin presentation page on Gumroad. Then you add a license in ThisPlugin Manager and the plugin will be automatically installed in the latest version. After that, all you need to do is activate and set it up.

Plugin overview

The Excluded Products plugin will help you to keep the traffic of products that you no longer want to sell. The reason can be their lower quality, frequent complaints,… Thisplugin is therefore mainly suitable for dropshipping store owners.

In addition, it increases the conversion of visitors to your store who visit the pages of these products by offering them alternatives to these products.

The plugin comes with default settings, and to use it, all you need to do is set the status of the products you no longer want to sell. Of course, you can customize any part of the excluded product to your liking. Both in content and display.

The plugin is set up and ready to use right after installation (we use settings that suit most users). But of course you can customize the settings according to your own use case.


Settings are divided into two parts. Text settings and Display settings.

Text settings

Tab Settings in Excluded product for Woocommerce
Setting the text in the Excluded Products plugin

In the text settings, you can set all the texts used on Excluded Products. You can set the name of the status, the main notification text, the call to action, the name of the tag on the product list and also the title of the alternative products.

All settings include clear instructions on how to set the text and an option to return to the original setting via the Load Default Text link.

Display settings

Tab Settings - Display settings in Excluded product for Woocommerce
Display Settings in the Excluded Products plugin

Under Display options you can set the following:

  • Show alternative products on product detail 
  • Hide product price 
  • Hide short description on product detail page
  • Hide variation description on product detail page
  • Hide product detail tabs 
  • Grayscale images for excluded products
  • Hide excluded products from catalog

he individual options are easy to understand at first glance from the text itself. They enable or disable certain specific parts of the product template.

In the next section under the name Product detail status position, you can set the status position on the product template after the price or after the short description.

In the third part you can set the position of the tag on the product card (product loop). There are 4 options to choose from:

  • Display before title
  • Display after title
  • Display over image
  • Do not display (you can still display loop tag via shortcode)

If you choose to display above the product image, you can also choose a specific position (card corner) for the tag.

Short video demonstration of Excluded products – Tag positions and CTA setup (video with no audio and no subtitles)

The position of the tag on the image should be fine-tuned using CSS.

Short video demonstration of Tag CSS position setup (video without sound and subtitles)

Finally, you can choose from which products to select alternatives – related products, product upsells and product cross-sells.

These are common settings for all products. You can override these settings in the details of each product.

Change of product status

In order to mark the product as excluded and use the Excluded settings, you must first change the status of the product from In Stock or Out of Stock to Excluded.

Short video demonstration of Excluded product setup (video without sound and subtitles)

Simple Products

If the product has the Manage Stock Level (Quantity) option checked in the Inventory section, you must first uncheck this option. Then you can change the Stock status from Current to Excluded.

Variable Products

For variable products, you must proceed in the same way, but for each variant.

Settings for individual products

Excluded products metabox on product detail in Discontinued product for Woocommerce
Some general settings can be overridden on a specific product detail

You can set this individually for each product (on the product detail page in admin):

  • Excluded product call to action.
  • Alternative products heading.
  • Alternative products type – you can choose to use the global setting or select specific products by full-text search by name.
Short video demonstration of Excluded products – select alternative products and preview (video with no audio and no subtitles)

Bulk operations

You can also change the product status using bulk operations (on the product list). The excluded status can be found in the stock status settings (In stock?).


Tab Shortcodes in Excluded product for Woocommerce
The use of shortcodes is convenient in non-standard themes and also in case you create your own site templates through any builder.

In this tab you will find all available options for shortcodes. They allow you to fully customize the content of the excluded products template, e.g. using the Page Builder.

We offer you the following shortcodes:

  • Shortcode to display product detail widget with status and CTA text for excluded products.
  • Shortcode to display product widget tag for excluded products.
  • Shortcode to display alternative products section on product detail.
  • Shortcode to show excluded products list.

You can modify the last shortcode for displaying the list of excluded products using attributes:

  • cols – number of columns on desktop resolution, max 4 (default).
  • page_size – number of products displayed per page, when set, enables “Load more” pagination (default: 12).
  • button – custom “Load more” button text (default: Load more).
  • number – when page_size is not set, maximum number of products to display, -1 (default) for unlimited.

Example with attributes: [tp_pdisc_products cols="3" number="3" /]

CSS stylesheets

Tab CSS stylesheets - Display settings in Excluded product for Woocommerce
You can easily set styles for Excluded plugins using Global styles in Thisplugin Manager. You can fine-tune the overall look using CSS variables or by editing CSS.

This tab gives you full control over the CSS of your widget on the web. However, these settings are intended for advanced users and developers only.

We recommend beginners to change the look of the widget using Global Styles in the ThisPlugin Manager

If you make a change that you are not happy with, you can always restore the default CSS that comes with the plugin by default. Just click on the Load default CSS link.

Don’t forget to save your settings by clicking the Update button.

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