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ThisPlugin manager – Agency licenses addon

Learn how to manage agency licenses using the free Thisplugin Manager addon. You will learn how to verify the agency email, who has sufficient rights to manage licenses, and how to manage licenses.
Agency email verification to manage agency licenses from all sites

The Agency Licenses tab allows you to manage all licenses purchased via agency email across all sites.

Although we pay a lot of attention to security, we recommend that you only enable this tab on your own (non-client) website. In addition, only users with the Administrator role have access to Agency Licenses Management.

To view agency licenses, you must first verify the agency’s email. This is very easy to do. Simply click the Add Agency Email button. After adding your email, we will send you a confirmation email and then show you the status of your request. If an agency or developer license was purchased for the given email and the link in the email was confirmed, the request will be approved, otherwise it will be rejected.

Agency licenses are managed in exactly the same way as other licenses in the License tab.

The license removal will take effect on a specific site no later than 1 hour after the change is made (licenses on sites are checked once an hour).

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